My work is grounded equally in the history of representative painting and in contemporary concerns with materiality. I mine the history of art and architecture and reinterpret its language to discover enduring resonance.

Current paintings probe the unexpected qualities of this strange year: the emptying of spaces, the slowing of time, the isolation and confusion and anxiety. I have found myself drawn to early Renaissance sculptures, friezes, and architectural maquettes -- objects born in the wave of cultural rebirth after the devastation of a plague. These carved pieces of stone or wood emanate a subdued grief, emptied amphitheaters whose negative stage contains some kernel of hope. I am breaking apart these objects through painting, leaving them incomplete, seeking subjects that hover between relic and living, both iconic and familiar.

Color is central, pushing the limits of pigment. My mark making ranges from truly spontaneous to painstaking, alluding to the slippery quality of time itself and searching for fleeting moments of true connection; that charged moment when paint is at once a slap of liquid across a surface and also a trigger for a memory at the back of your mind.